The children group Kis-Ilosvai was founded as a junior group of the folk ensemble Ilosvai. Its members are childrens from Veľká Ida. The group is a regular participant of local cultural events and more times has performances in Hungary, too. The age category of the group is mixed – there are represented all degrees of the elementary school. The leader of the group is Ladislav Lipták.


The group KELEPELŐK was founded in September 2002 by Kupec Mihály, Kupec Andrea and Mohnyanszký Csilla. The members of the group are from the villages Rešica, Buzica, Nižný Lanec, Vyšný Lanec, Chým and Veľká Ida – all are students of elementary school with hungarian language in Buzica. The name of the group marks that in Buzica is the most number of stork nests.

They have performances in Slovakia and in Hungary too, for example they were on the folk festival in Debrecen in Hungary.

The ages of members are various – from students of the second class to students of the 8th class.

The last choreographies:

„Gólyát láttam szállva”- dances from Kéménd

„Te vagy a fogó”- dances from Mátyusföld

dances from Magyarbőd

dances from Gömör

Choreografies was prepared by Andrea Kupecová and Michal Kupec.