Ilosvai festival and children dance camp

The Ilosvai festival is organized yearly in the castle park of Velka Ida. It usually begins with a concert followed by a dance house on Friday. On Saturday afternoon, there is a so-called family afternoon consisting of traditional markets, folk art exhibitions, traditional food tasting, etc. Meantime the guest groups and bands are doing performances. At the evening, the main performance of our group is presented at the open stage with the participation of the guest groups. After it there is a dance house at the castle cellar. The children dance camp usually starts shortly after the festival. Dances can be studied on the beginner as well as advanced levels.


Easter traditions

The members of the group every year revive the Easter traditions – the boys clothed in traditional costumes go to girls to bath them – with minimum two cannikins of cold water. After it the boys are feasted by the family of the girl.



Our Betlehem tradition is from the village Hrhov (Abov country). We do it since 1998. Like in the tradition we do it on first or second Christmas day. The performers are 1 angel, 2 old mans and three shepherds. We do it in houses of members of the group.